Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sam in the Wilderness

We got some pretty strange looks as we hiked over Jackass Pass into the Cirque of the Towers last weekend. Sam, in his pink Patagonia snow suit, was strapped to my chest, and Ellen and I both carried large packs up the switchbacks in the trail.

"How's she doing?"
"It's a boy. He's fine. He's doing wonderfully." Assuming it's a girl just because of the color of the clothing. Oh, no. Mom and Dad are just bargain shoppers...

Some of them were obviously horrified that we'd be so irresposible as to bring a little baby to what was obviously the most remote and terrifying place they themselves had ever been. We were pretty comfortable with our margin of safety, though. Other than a little bit of sunburn on his nose, Sam was fine.

We camped two nights in the almost-empty Cirque with some friends from Colorado. Sam slept well each night nestled in Ellen's down jacket. On Saturday, I climbed Wolf's Head and Tiger Tower with our friends, Ellen and Sam stayed warm in the tent.

On Sunday, we raced out of the mountains. We've finally learned to plan extra time for Sam to poop, eat, or cry, and so we gave ourselves plenty of time to get a long walk in. Luckily, Sam was feeling pretty good and allowed us to hike non-stop out to the car, andthen make the short drive back home without any complaints.

Our friend Amy Skinner talks about how glad she is that her kids will never remember their first time camping or climbing or being out in the woods. I am glad Sam can look back years from now and say that his crazy parents took him out into the middle of the Wind Rivers when he was only 100 days old, and he was already tough as a two-dollar steak.

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