Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fall 2009

Time is flying by. Since the last time we wrote, Sam has become a very big boy. In late October, we drove to Denver, and flew to Kentucky (via a short visit to cousin Caleb) to go climbing. We stayed a week with our good friends Janelle, Mike, Axel, and Lucas Anderson at their cabin in the Red River Gorge.

Sam has learned so many new words we can't even remember them all. He's figuring things out faster than Mom and Dad can adapt. Like how to get on the kitchen table, how to make calls on the phone, how to slide the child safety gate away from the fireplace, how to climb up onto the bed, open boxes, reach into the knife drawer, open the oven, turn on/off the gas on the stove, unplug appliances, flush the toilet, unroll the toilet paper (only one full roll at a time), put toys in the garbage can, get in the dishwasher, open closet doors, throw heavy objects, using a broom or stick to clear off tables or shelves, and how to get on Olive's back for a short ride.

Sam has become very conversational, and is really fond of kissing...especially Mama. When upset, he has several ways of saying her name. Moh-Maaah, Maw-mae, Baba (when his nose is stuffy), MaMAA, etc. Ellen started a list recently, and ended up with many more words than would fit on one page.

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