Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New experiences!

I have not posted since the first day I went back to work, 4 months ago. Wow, time gets away from you... I am happy to report that Sam now has his own life. He spends two afternoons a week with friends, one with Suzanne Lilygren and one with Deborah Ellis. We feel very lucky to have such great care for him. It also gives Steve and I time to focus without interruption on whatever we want. It is great!
Sam is changing every day. It is so amazing to watch him learn and discover the world around him. His most recent experience is food. He started eating rice cereal this past weekend. It was fun and messy. We are not sure how much he actually swallowed. He is also making more sounds and mimicking our sounds. Sam and I are going to the local child development center on Friday for his 6 month screening. Of course we know already that he is above average but hearing it never gets old. I will report back with the results.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and eating turkey with family. Uncle Matt will be celebrating his first Thanksgiving in the United States in three years with us. We are all looking forward to his dish!!!
Enjoy the new pictures and Sam's BIG, blue eyes.

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Elin said...

Wow, that is sooo cool to see you!
Scott gave me this adress and I am really happy to see little Sam - he is really super cute!! Good to read so many news from you. Enjoy the little baby- time is running! Jonah will turn 11 in a couple of days and Daria is 9 and a half.... Increadable....
Take care, Love, yours Elin from Berlin