Saturday, November 8, 2008

Who is that baby?

Sam is growing and learning so much. El and I are so busy, that it seems like we can't even keep up with remembering the landmarks, let alone document them. So far, we have only taken about 5 minutes of video, and all the pictures are waiting to be sorted. One of the wonderful things we see as Sam passes the 5 month mark is his engaging nature and his interest in just about everything.

He giggles when he sees the baby in the mirror. He pets the dogs and pulls mom's hair and when I karate-chop him in the guts ('s never too early to get tough...) he laughs like crazy. We've just started using his new baby backpack and he loves being able to see where we're going.

He is adept at rolling to the left, but prefers to avoid going right. He talks and talks, though I think it's mostly to hear his own voice...just like the rest of us. He has also found the volume controls...and I think he's never going back to coos and sighs. I can't even come up with the words to describe how much we love this little man. He is the best and brightest thing in the world to me.

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