Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It seems like we are so busy these days. It bothers me because we let slip by some amazing events in Sam's life. Like how he'll say, "MA ma mA MAAA MMMMA MA MA ma ma!" Yet, he doesn't quite say it TO her. 
He is squirmy, likes to sleep in the bed with us (sideways only so he can kick one of us), and is starting to move around. 
Sam is starting to scoot a bit, and is adept at falling forward onto his face. He can stand up OK, and can hang from his hand for 10 or more seconds...only climbers would make their kid do this. 
Last weekend, Sam was sitting on the floor when Olive came up to visit him. He's in the habit of petting her, and this time he got hold of her collar. As Olive moseyed off, Sam held fast. He hit his head on the floor and started to cry, but held on as she dragged him across the floor. Even when mommy got there and picked him up, he was still firmly attached to the collar. I dunno...maybe he'll be a bullrider

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