Thursday, May 14, 2009

Growing Boy

It is terrible that we don't keep up with this record of Sam's progress. I noticed that it's been two months, probably the biggest two months since we posted last. So, lets see...

- Sam is a crawlin' machine, full speed and especially attracted to sharp / heavy objects and stairs.
- He can say Da Da (which he says about lots of things, not just me), Ma Ma, and Dog. 
-He can identify the lights and the fans, the latter receiving the "swooshing arm motion" as he points at them.
-He waves and points at people, much like John McCain...we're so proud.
-He can walk with assistance and can stand up on his own if he's got something to hold on to...much like a frat guy.
-He loves to be outside, and is almost never fussy once you take him out.
-Sam and Mom completed the Mothers' Day 9k in Boulder last weekend, with Mom doing most of the work.

As always, our love for him grows and grows with each day. My mom said the same thing about me, except for the time between ages 12 and 21 when it sort-of plateaued...

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