Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Wow! It has been a really long time since we posted. Here goes. We are busy. Steve was in Cincinnati for a good friend's wedding. He also managed two days of climbing in the Red River Gorge. He can be very creative when he wants to be. Two days after he left I left for the Grand Canyon with my brother, Matt and two friends, Neil and Christine. We completed a "Grand" adventure in the Rim to Rim to Rim. That's right, South Rim to North Rim and back. It was a beautiful challenge. When asked were Mama was Sam said, "Mama run all over". Sam survived both trips and loved visits from Nana and Grandma and Grand Dad.
We have had lots of snow and rain this spring. It doesn't feel like spring or summer yet. Sam is growing and changing every day. He loves to talk and he does it well. We hear "what's that" a lot. Sam's 2nd Birthday is right around the corner. The time has flown by. He loves the Happy Birthday song and will be so thrilled when everyone is singing it to him!
Last night we went to the Gannett Grill for dinner. After dinner we were enjoying some chocolate peanut butter cookie made by Sophie when Sam proclaimed he was eating a "poop cookie". Steve and I practically fell off the picnic table bench we laughed so hard. Talking is so fun.

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