Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The time gets away from us. Sam is growing and changing so fast that we'd be hard-pressed to capture it all, even if we posted daily. This spring is all about bikes and playing with the shop-vac in the garage. No matter what the weather, Sam's preference is "outside." It's either "yeyyow bike" or "boo bike" or the wagon. Sometimes, he prefers to go on foot, and would like you to run with him, saying, "Dada run!"

He engages the dogs more now, talking directly to "Bug" and "Ovid." Olive is the more patient of the two, and will occasionally even let him sit on her back.

My current favorite is when Sam sees something he really likes. He leans slightly forward at the waist an makes the "oooh" sound, then says, "Whoa...dude!"

As always, the days are too short and race away.

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