Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sam, he is.

It's funny to have a baby. It's obvious that things change dramatically, but what is really interesting is that we know what to do. I think we are really lucky with Sam, he is good at sleeping and is starting to figure out when to do it, too.

This morning, Sam and I got up at six and went out to the living room to read on the couch. El had been up many times during the night feeding him and needed the sleep. As luck would have it, he slept again until Ellen was awake about 8, giving her two hours of uninterrupted sleep - the equivalent of 8 hours for a nursing mother.

As usual, things are running smoothly. We are so lucky. I sometimes catch myself thinking about when he can walk or talk or how he will be sometime down the road. This morning, though, I am content in today. It is wonderful to have him now, squirming and cooing and pursing his little lips, learning to be a baby.


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