Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When does night become morning?

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, it becomes easier to get dressed and make coffee than to go back to bed. This morning that happened to be about 4:00.

The last few nights have been full of opportunities for personal growth for all three of us. We spent the weekend in Casper visiting grandparents and celebrating my parents' 45th anniversary. Sam spent the weekend being adored, held, and admired. He also slept nearly every daylight hour.

Which left him with plenty of energy at night.

On Saturday, we received a baby-spa device that plays soothing sounds like rainfall, the ocean, and such. We plugged it in that night and it promptly put Ellen and I to sleep, at least until the baby noises got loud enough to bring us back around.

Sunday was Father's Day. I'd have liked to sleep all day, but made the mistake of getting out of bed. So it was another day of visiting, yawning, and finally driving back across the beautiful plains to Lander, with just one small "snack break" at Beaver Rim.

Last night was another one for the books. Sam slept very little, was pretty gassy, and spent most of the night upset. I, myself, like having gas, but to each his own. So the night crawled along until El had had enough and I took over walking Sam through the dark house. We listened for the paperboy's ATV, for the sounds of the birds, for the beginning of the morning traffic on the street. And as the sun started to warm the dark sky, Sam's eyelids closed for another day's sleep.

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