Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today was Sam's first day at the crag. It was a nice, warm day, and we spent it in the cool shade. Sam slept most of the time, and handled the hike well. The cliffs of the North Country are covered with tiny pockets that we call "monos". This is because most full-grown climbers can fit only one finger in the holes. What I realized today is that if Sam gets rolling in the next few weeks, he'll be able to fit all four fingers in each hole!

We carried Sam in a front-pack, and it worked well with the normal climbing pack.

Also of note is that the little one slept four hours straight last night. We know this isn't the new normal, but it's a welcome relief from the 1.5 hour grind.

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Janelle Anderson said...

YAHOO!!!! The climbing kid getting started early....we love it!

The Anderson's