Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sam passed his hearing test in Laramie. Again, he was an excellent patient. He had to be asleep during the test, not difficult for Sam. However, if someone were pressing electrodes to my forehead and clipping them to my earlobes I wouldn't be able to sleep. The test took almost two hours and as my Dad said, "Now he is perfect in every way". We will probably retest when Sam is six months old, as is recommended by the audiologist.

Yesterday Steve went climbing at the North Country and Sam and I went along. I have not been cleared to go climbing yet, but I can belay. Sam's first day climbing was a success. I was a bit neurotic about keeping him covered so no sun or bugs could get to him. He still seems a bit fragile.

Today is Sunday. Steve and the dogs just left for a morning of climbing. The house is very quiet. Sam is sleeping in his swing so I have time to write. Steve has been incredible at night. He gets up and changes Sam's diaper 95% of the time and then brings him to me to nurse. I don't have to leave the bed! Tom and Linda gave us a little crib that was Aunt Diane's, Tom's, Leslie's, Steve's and Jeff's. It is great. We placed it right beside the bed so I can get to it, again, without getting out of bed.

Sam does seem stronger now. He is moving his head around often and with a bit of control. His arms and legs are always moving if he is awake. His eyes seem to be changing from the newborn dark blue/black to lighter blue. I think his eyes will be blue. We'll know for sure in a few months. Sam is experiencing a common newborn affliction. Dry skin is covering his entire body. Not much to do but watch. Lotion just makes a mess and it seems to only last a couple of days per body area. Baby acne is next!

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